Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

Nairobi, Kenya

Details about this role

At Leta, we are building the Operating System for Logistics in Africa, using tech to help companies move goods more efficiently and grow more. By leveraging AI technology, we help companies track and optimize their deliveries and move goods across the continent.And we’re in good company: with customers like Chandaria Industries, Simbisa Brands (Galitos, ChickenInn and Pizza Inn) and ShopZetu using our platform to deliver faster and more efficiently. It’s not just good company, it’s a great team as well.We have a superstar team of smart people who previously worked at, Lori Systems, Deloitte, Kopo Kopo and have come together to solve for logistics across Africa. And we’re growing!

Purpose & Scope of Role

Leta is the operating system for supply chain & logistics in Africa. Our mission is to help businesses reduce their cost to serve across different markets. We are seeking an experienced and passionate Product Manager to join our dynamic team. The Product Manager will play a crucial role in driving the strategy, development, and successful launch of our products.


This role requires a deep understanding of customer needs, market trends, and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop new interfaces and update existing interfaces from the provided designs and wireframes;
  • Ensure the developed frontend application adheres to best architectural practices, to facilitate performance, usability, data access and compatibility to the different existing web browsers;
  • Ensure that written code is both maintainable and testable;
  • Enforce necessary security measures to ensure that user data is protected both locally and when being transferred to a backend server;
  • Perform white box, unit and UI testing to locate bugs (errors) in the system and ensure these bugs are fixed in collaboration with QA;
  • Facilitate seamless communication and exchange of data between the frontend and either the backend, or third party applications required by the web application. An example of this is integrating the application with Google Maps (a third party application);
  • Keep up to date with continuously evolving web technologies, software technologies and coding best practices to ensure the developed mobile applications are up to par with existing industry standards. This also involves upgrading existing legacy systems to meet new industry standards;
  • Test current products and identify deficiencies;
  • Planning and suggesting ideas to improve product quality;
  • Developing and supporting a culture of continuous improvement and best practices within the Engineering organization.
  • Stay current on all industry trends related to transport and delivery management platforms within the logistics and last-mile delivery space and provide internal recommendations and customer feedback;
  • Any other responsibilities that the CTO may assign to the Employee from time to time.

Skills, Experience and Competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or IT related Engineering course
  • React/React Hooks
  • Typescript/Javascript-ES6
  • Redux Thunk/Saga/Redux Toolkit
  • HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap/Materialize
  • 3+ years Demonstrated experience producing readable and testable code
  • Good communication skills.
  • A multi-tasker, innovative and has good decision making ability.
  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional team members
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills