System Administrator

System Administrator

Nairobi, Kenya

Details about this role

At Leta, we are building the Operating System for Logistics in Africa, using tech to help companies move goods more efficiently and grow more. By leveraging AI technology, we help companies track and optimize their deliveries and move goods across the continent.And we’re in good company: with customers like Chandaria Industries, Simbisa Brands (Galitos, ChickenInn and Pizza Inn) and ShopZetu using our platform to deliver faster and more efficiently. It’s not just good company, it’s a great team as well.We have a superstar team of smart people who previously worked at, Lori Systems, Deloitte, Kopo Kopo and have come together to solve for logistics across Africa. And we’re growing!

Purpose & Scope of Role

We are looking for a System administrator who will support our enterprise customers onsite in implementing the Leta platform to make their last mile logistics more efficient.

Key Responsibilities


  • As part of the technology roll-out you will support the various users of the Leta platform, such as riders, drivers, dispatch teams, finance teams, logistics and fleet managers
  • You are onsite to support the users on the technology, this can vary from task such as login issues, getting used to the everyday use of the system, help with logging operational and planning information on to the system


Driving compliance

  • You support our customers and the Leta team in driving compliance, meaning the users use the Leta technology as agreed. Some examples ensure that all drivers swipe the app when they start the trip, arrive at the customer etc.


Customer relationship management

  • Seamlessly support our customers by building strong relationships with the operational teams


Product Knowledge & Advocacy

  • Maintain an exhaustive grasp of our products/services to offer customers top-tier support and insights.
  • Gather customer feedback diligently, channeling it towards product and service enhancements while championing customer needs within Leta

Skills, Experience and Competencies

  • You have just graduated and are looking for a starters role at an exciting tech start up
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in IT or related study
  • A Kenyan national, fluent in Swahili and English
  • Stellar communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills
  • Adept logical, analytical, and strategic thinking